Sampling from VLC

A quick question just came to mind, as this seems a bit easier on linux (for a change) than on windows: how can you record a sample from say a movie, playing in e.g. vlc, into renoise? I used to just Convert the whole movie to mp3 and look for the good parts, but that annoying and tedious and takes all the fun out of the sampling. In linux I can just reroute some cables in JACK and I can straight hit record from renoise!
Anybody know of a good tool for this? VLC doesn’t play through ASIO4All does it?

Virtual Audio Cable is one way. Another way depends if your soundcard driver has the function built in, something like “What U Hear” or “Loopback” are features available to do just that kind of thing.

Also, depending on the video format, you can actually load the video in to renoise in as a sample.

What I do is use my consumer-level soundcard as my default sound card in windows, and have the output routed physically into my professional audio card. I have it always monitoring, so I can always hear my regular computer sounds, while also being able to use my pro audio card for making music and sampling sounds from my PC.

A lot of consumer level soundcards, such as the onboard chipsets on motherboards, have a Record What You Hear type feature. This is what I’ve usually used. Not perfect but acceptable and easier, faster and more convenient than converting the whole file (and unless you are ripping the audio stream, rather than converting, possibly higher quality too.)

I would generally try and avoid going out of an onboard chipset and into your main audio interface. This is likely to give the lowest quality results out of all possible methods. Although some onboard chipsets are too bad these days so depending on your setup you might get perfectly usable results (as I assume Veggies must do.)

I don’t think VLC has ASIO. There is an ASIO plugin for Winamp though.

Or for Foobar:

Jack also works for Windows, but you need a video player capable of using Jack and you can only use Jack for the 32-bit version of Renoise since the 64-bit version somehow doesn’t seem to be able connect.
Reaper can play video files so you might as well be able to link audio from Reaper to Renoise using Jack. But Reaper also has ReaRoute so you might as well slave Renoise to Reaper using ReaRoute and then toy with your movies.

isn’t there just a “dump audio output to file” dummy audio driver?
with mplayer i can just do "mplayer -vo null -ao pcm " and i get an audiodump.wav file.

He already said currently he rips the entire soundtrack and then cuts out the bit and that’s what he wants to avoid in future. Is that not what this method would do? I know Winamp has a similar feature but it can only route to one output from what I remember (but I generally use an antiquated version as 2.x was always better for Shoutcast streaming than 5.x historically.) Plus I know I have run into issues with playback speed using this, think you need to make sure the soundcard samplerate is set the same as the audio you are ripping.

If you note down times of the wanted sample it might still be a slight advance on ripping the entire soundtrack and editing after though…

Yeah that’ll probably be the windows workflow… trying the virtual cable program linked by Jenoki but it definitely doesn’t seem as straightforward a setup as jackcontrol is.

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