Sampling Question From Tracker Newcomer

hello i have a question about sampling. renoise to me has an excellent audio editor so my question is this. if i render to sample say a one note hit of a vst synth and do things to alter the sound, will the sample sound okay at different pitches? i mean one lead sound in the key of C-4 can be used okay within reasonable limits. correct. after i sample the note do i need to make a new track for the sample too. i hope i do not sound to silly with my question.

Yeah, you can use one sample for range of notes. But depending on the original instrument it may sound bad if you pitch it too far away. For example distorted electric guitar sounds “wrong” while you pitch it even one semitone, while most synth pads sound good even if you pitch it several octaves.

It really depends on the sound and what you want. In reality there is no such thing as “wrong” sound. Although some sounds have this uncanny feel on them because of overusage. Pitched electric guitar samples is one of them. They create instant vomit reflex on people who have experience with sampling. :)

Either way, you have several sampling strategies to choose from:

  1. Sample single note (if it sounds good for you, then it’s okay).
  2. Sample range of notes, like after every 4 semitones and cover the keyboard. (Sounds better in some instruments, but actually worse in some others).
  3. Sample all the notes. (Will sound pretty good, but will take lots of storage and memory).
  4. Sample phrases. (Will sound perfect, but you are stuck with the phrase and can’t really modify it later).

See what works best for you in certain situation.

About the tracks. You can use any instrument on any track, but it’s better for mixdown to keep different instruments on different tracks, it’s easier to mix it down later. Also if you are “rendering selection to sample” both the track effects and master effects get applied to the sample. If you don’t want it, disable those effects or use special “scratch track” which you only use for resampling VSTi’s.