Sampling Vst Instr Notes (eg. C-4.wav,..)?

Hi there,

I’m working on a flash sound project where I want to build a small synth using samples for each note.
(eg. c-4.wav, c#4.wav, d-4.wav… )
I want to use samples from a specific VST instrument.

And I want to have up to 3 octaves of notes samples, so sampling everything manually (3x12 times + editing) will cost me way too much time.

So I was wondering, does anybody here know what’s the fastest way to do this?
And is there maybe a specific tool build for this type of task?


hmm… what about putting a note for each track and then rendering the song to WAV in a separate file for each track?

this way you could also render more VST instruments by simply substituing the instrument with another.

Also, name the tracks as C-4, C#4, so you will have the right names for the WAVs already done.


[It -Alien]

Indeed, this is a solution. However, in v1.281 using 1 instru over several tracks only works right, when notes arent played at the same time.
(Or you will only get all the notes playing through the track that has the last note assigned to it)
Maybe 15 alpha does a better job at playing it in seperate tracks (dunno, havent tried it).

But, otherwise it would mean putting notes further in from each other, and editing out the silences afterwards… :(
Or using a vst instance for each note, which already doesn’t sound right when I type this sentence :wink:


Thanx, this looks like it’d do the trick. Interesting tool btw.
I’ll check it out!


Problem solved, with Chainer program :)

Thanks for the Chainer tip Pysj!