Samplingrates & Bit Depth

Hey, i need some help/tips regarding samplingrates and bit depth within renoise, and even DAW in general.

i am using a MOTU Traveler (audio interface), which offers 16/24 bitrate and 44khz, 48khz, 88khz, 96khz and even 192khz. And, renoise offers 48khz and 96khz.

As far as i’ve understood through forum-reading on the net, 88khz is a good standard if you don’t want to run into conversion problems to the good old 44khz cd-resolution. (halfing/dithering, i guess). Are there any plans for implementing 88khz in renoise?

and another important question: in Renoise’s rendering window, i can choose to mixdown in 16bit or 32bit “float”. No 24-bit? What exactly does 32bit float mean?

i’m new in this rate/resolution game, as i’m used to working in 44khz/16bit only. So i’d appreciate any help on the subject!

32 bit float means the sample is 23 bit in value, 1 bit for the sign (signed, or unsigned integer) 8 bits for the exponent.

It is a sort of enriched 24 bit format though in reality it is not true 24 bit.

You can also try to dig into this story: