San Andreas Loadscreen Remake

I always want to remake this song when I hear it, so now that monkey is off my back. It woulda sound shit, quality-wise if I’d used Impulse Tracker. :)

Sounds almost identical to the real loop used in the game.

Anyone know a CC command or something that controls the volume on a vst? There’s a note I need to fade out but I haven’t found a way yet, normal volume commands and envelopes don’t seem to work. I know how to pitchbend with CC but I’m not sure if volume is in there.

anyway here’s the Source:…dreas_Loop.xrns
Check the comments to find the VST’s I used.

and the MP3:

sounds almost exactly the same, good job indeed.

great but it’s missing that whiny portamento lead.

If you wanna find out if the vst has a CC command for volume read the manual but like bantai suggests using the Automate Device will work fine too.

Thanks, Aye sometimes the game plays the version I did and sometimes it plays a version with the whiny portamento lead. I just noticed that last night… I need to come up with that sound first then I’ll combine both versions into one song.

The actual song in the game is just a short loop, if you turn soundFX off and leave Music turned up then it won’t play, so it must be 2 short looping wave files that get chosen randomly.

I’m trying to avoid using automation if possible but it might be the only way… I did find a CC that controls the amplification on PlastiCZ but it has to have a note to go with it or it doesn’t work :S So the bass would go DDdddddd… know what I mean? It’s a bit frustrating.

Thanks for the replies!

*edit, ah the Automation device sounds handy… I had the wrong idea. Thanks!

nice work indeed. please post if you do the portamento lead bit aswell!

Will do, there’s 3 different random versions, the second one has the portamento lead play a couple notes same as the string section, and the 3rd has the portamento solo thing, should be pretty easy. I had to keep restarting the game over & over…etc to finally get the 3rd one recorded.

It’s finished:

Here’s the updated source:…dreas_Loop.xrns
Check the comments to find the VST’s I used.

and the MP3:

*note: I used the Korg MS-20 for the portamento.

Whoops might not be done, patto just sent me the full song :D f****! Thanks dude

I love the community here so far. Lot of good people with good input. Not to mention the best tracker ever.

Most music sites are full of people that are full of themselves and their shit music. What a nice change of pace. I’ve seen a lot of talent, had good feedback and other people have gone out of there way to see that I get the full song from the bonus CD. Good shit.

cool song. sounds a bit like dre & snoop back in the days :P

It’s that Korg MS-20 dude, I got lucky stumbling into that one for the lead. It usually makes a great bass :)