Satanical Bots Mixtape

if the tune are good enough they will be released on my label with a 50/50 deal

Cool, will give this one a try if I can find time :slight_smile:

About the rules, are we supposed to only use the lofi breaks & orchestral sounds, are we allowed to process them and/or add other samples?

Sounds like a cool challenge, i want in!

I’m pretty much wondering about the same as Djeroek, the rules seem very vague.

As i understand it:

-You have to use a selection of 4 different breakbeat loop samples from the pack you posted and they can be chopped/sliced. (other percussive sounds can also be used?)

-You have to use Sonatina in your track (in addition to other sounds?)

-It has to be dark!

the idea is to use the breakbeat loop to make your own

and you can use sonatina or any orchestral sound bank you own

it has to be dark or hard

This sounds like the best thing ever. Im all over it. =)