"save Changes" Popup Shown, Although Nothing Was Changed?

Probably a script causing this(?), but I have no idea which one, also seems kind of random as it doesn’t always happen…

if I open a song in Renoise, just play it without editing or changing any parameter, a save window pops up, asking me if I want to save when I try to open another or new empty song…

This can be confusing.

Are here any scripts causing this?

While you don’t do it, maybe some device does.
Perhaps a hydra or LFO changing stuff and perhaps this is seen as a parameter change as well.

Changing Mute states of tracks also gets saved so if you do any Soloing or Muting you will be asked if you want to change on closing.

No. This would be super annoying. Such changes, automation, will never make the song “dirty”.

But a script can indeed (but should now) cause this. Would you mind testing this still happens with all scripts disabled for you?

I don’t solo or mute during play, so it must be the hydra device, although I have hydra devices in almost all my tracks and it doesn’t always happen…I’m going crazy probably :) …need mo sleep.


@ Taktik, will do tonight.

ok, so there isn’t a quick way to disable all installed scripts in one batch to test this, and I don’t feel like going through all of them to test which one is the culprit here. Strange thing is that I’m noticing it since I’ve uninstalled a bunch of scripts that I never used, can’t say I noticed it before.