Save Configs

Why isn’t there a option to save your configs?

I would realy like that. It’s very anoing!

I tried to search for a topic on this, but I couldn’t find it.

Could you please help me out

Thank you


Do I have to copy ‘C:WINDOWSApplication DataRenoiseold version’

To the new directory??

To keep your configs, or doesn’t that work.

But still, it would be nice if you could do it in renoise

Some people already suggested to add an option for an automatic configuration migration during install, however, we cannot guarantee that the older versions config.xml will be compatible with newer versions, so this could be useless.

Anyway, you already replied correctly: copying the config.xml from a version which is at least 1.5RC1 over the 1.5 final works

Isn’t part of using XML files to ease version handling? I mean, in 99% of the cases, an old config file will not cause any real problems, newly introduced attributes will just not be found and be given a default value. But I’m speculating a bit here, maybe compability will be a major problem in some case, and then the install thingy might not be a good idea.

// Some people

okay, thanxx…

I will just copy the configs.

And where does the config.xml file goes in xp (I’n using that recently)

I cannot find a renoise data folder?

Could somebody help me out?

look there:
C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR_USERNAME/Application Data/Renoise/V1.5

I tried that, but I cannot find any config file and keyboardsettings…

Which windows version are you using?

Here’s my guess.

In Windows Explorer click Tools -> Folder Options.

On the Folder Options window, click the View tab. In the Advanced Settings group uncheck:
[] Hide extensions for known file types

(*) Show hidden files and folders.

Click Apply -> OK.

Close Windows Explorer.

That did the trick

Thanx for helping me out Conner BW!

That saved me time and thinkin’