Save Favorite Samples Directory Option?

I enjoy the sample browsing in Renoise, it’s compact yet functional. When I browse through my sample collection there are many samples which stand out and I can imagine defintely using them at one point but these “favorite” samples might not fit into the current tune I’m working with. I’m really talking about samples from purchased sample collections, rather than those which I sampled myself, because I usually know where my self-sampled favorites are already.

I was wondering if there’s a feature on Renoise where you can save any sample you’re browsing into a “favorite folder”. So every time you browse samples and come across a new favorite but can’t really use it immediately in the current track, you just right click on the sample and save it into a Renoise favorites folder for easy access later on. I know you could do this through Explorer but a simple right click function to simplify the process is really what I’m after… Is there any such feature in Renoise? I don’t know if I might have it disabled in the prefs?

Renoise doesn’t have the exact feature you’re describing, but you can have four ‘favourite’ folders in each category in the disk browser (songs, samples, instruments etc.)

Navigate to the folder you want to be a favourite and right click one of the numbered buttons above the ‘Song, DSP Chain, Instrument…’ radio buttons to save it. Then you can just click one of the numbers to go straight to the folder you assigned to it.

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