Save/load Different Internal Notepad Files

Just a quick one,i was thinking it would be good if you could load different notepad files within renoise.With each track you can view the song comments,it would be good if you could save the comments as a file and load them as you please,say for instance you discover a new technique,you give it a name,you write a description as to how you did it and save it under x technique say.This would enable you to save lots of valuable info and load different notes as u need them.Could be very beneficial especially if some user choose to share their notes.

Hmmmm i genuinely think this is a really good idea,am i missing something or is it just that no one is interested in this :ph34r:

maybe no one is getting what you’re saying. or maybe they like it but don’t feel they have anything to add? i’m kind of confused myself because i don’t know if you are wanting some sort of note to pop up when the play cursor reaches a certain position or what. i guess that would be kind of cool, really. actually, it kind of would be. But why is this better than, for instance, putting a note in the song comments that says "at pattern 12, track 1, beat/position 40 i did this: … "

on the other hand, your tracks sound like audio paintings of Kafka novels so god knows what (and how much) you’re thinking at each step… you probably really do need this.