Save Multiple Tools In An Environment And Recall Them Like A...

Ey yo,

I have a couple of scripts that I often use when attempting to create something and I thought it would be cool, to have them all initialized at the flick of a button, sort a like a global view preset.

The idea is to have the script windows to be attachable, so they stick at the sides enabling you to move them around at the same time, and also have them easily detachable through holding a modifier key while dragging. Similar to how fruityloops did it years ago.

Having two monitors you could easily drag the batch of staple tools to the other monitor for easy access.

Random choice of tools as an example:

Would be cool imo to make your own set-ups for particular kind of tasks.

couldn’t someone write a script for that? :D

If the x,y positions of all the windows could be recognized through Lua and saved in some kind of snapshot system maybe? But I don’t think you could than move them all at the same time.

Tools are currently opened on the centerspot of the screen, without the possibility to set their position.
I had suggested it in the past to keep the epic arpeggiator window on its place when collapsing the matrix to exchange it for the custom note sequence view.
Some things after the 2.6 final were changed to make the alignment behave a bit better, but the x/y coordinates for the windows have not been added yet. It is imho still a good idea though.
This however requires knowledge of the desktop size, because you don’t want to enter your tool outside the desktopboundaries where noone can select the window.

Makes sense, but is that hard to figger out? How do other programs handle this?

Usually the API call from the platform is used to get the desktop perimeters.
But also each platform treats the way dialogs appear differently and whether they start prominent on the foreground or not.
I guess the most problems will be on the Linux area as each window manager does it different than the other.

damn linux!