Save "template" Patterns Like In Fasttracker 2

Hey. I used to use templates in Fasttracker 2 a lot. Many people weren’t aware of this, but you can save sections of your work as empty templates and load them into other songs. So let’s say a common beat us producers make is the AMEN SEQUENCE. Well, in fasttracker, sometimes I would just load up my empty beat template into a track in a pattern not being used, then map my samples accordingly. Pattern Templates.

in the FT2 days, you could not open more than one instance of the program, but now you can, so you can mimic that behaviour by saving your template as songs, and when you need to use it, open another instance of Renoise, load the template, use LCTRL+F4 to copy it and then LCTRL+F5 when the focus is on the first instance of Renoise

I for one would welcome our pattern-clip-saving overlords.