Saved A Song, Now It Is Silent When I Try To Play It

Hi, i just started using renoise, its a really nice program :)

Only now yesterday i saved that song but now there is no sound… :huh:

I had saved it in a new version, but that makes no sound…when i try the version before that it is fine. and it still worked when i did save it…so i am a bit lost here :blink:

does anyone know how can i make the song have sound again??

thanks :o

edit: i just thought this is a better topic for bug report maybe…can this topic be moved to there…or do i make a new one :P

I doubt it is a bug:
It might be you have set some volume parameter somewhere in the song on the master-track; Unawarely or not aware of the consequence of setting a volume parameter somewhere is affecting the rest of the song. If that would be nil, you wouldn’t hear any sound.

Yes i was really stupid, tracks were muted and then saved like that…and then i only checked meters and not there :D

and yes i had some volume …ghost :w00t: at one time yesterday fixed that by resetting the automation…