Saving A Song Without Samples

I have a lot of songs that use the same library of samples, over and over again.

It really bothers me that I must duplicate all those samples with every new project I save, over and over!

Sometimes songs grow to almost a hundred megs in size, so that with saving new projects (or just different versions of the same project) my song folder grows very very rapidly, and I’m often running short of space. And that’s a nagging bitch of a problem.

Whereas I could choose to save in a different file format, like XRNX for example (samples eXcluded) or XRNE (song Edit) which only stores the song data with sample paths, not the wave data itself.

(And I don’t need advices like ‘go buy another harddrive’ - it’s not the option.)

sounds like something quite a few people would find useful.
would be a nice feature, if optional.

if optional yes,

also…are these 100mb+ songs with flac conversion enabled? If not, this could save you some hd space.

+1, long time request from me.

But what happens when you edit a sample? It changes it for every song?

since XRNS is an XML-based format, it should be easy to mix “real” samples with file references inside the XRNS structure; as soon as you edit a sample, the newly created sample should be saved as a “real” sample inside the XRNS file.

just like Tracktion works: you can create many edits that use the same samples.

keyword: non-destructive editing

As long as it is optional - fine.

I prefer to have self contained songs. Plus, I seldom reuse sounds in different tracks, and I love destructive editing. :)

Just never change your sounds…

Or save backups of it.

+1 for destructive editing.

Hardrive don’t cost shit anymore and if I need the original sound of a sample again I just reload it in the next slot. :P

Destruct, Destruct!! :yeah:

I know why you ask this, really it maybe an option
but I’m to chaotic to take this serious because I picked renoise for just this. I use renoise in my studio and also live, even on the road with my new netbook. in that case, it is cool to have the songs selfcontained.

+1 for harddrives no longer requiring faecal matter as medium of exchange!
finally we can pay in EUR or even $ or any other currency of your choice!


I think I asked politely not to give such wacky advices.

maybe it doesn’t where you come from. but in the shops around me they still cost money.

i don’t like to spend often on hardware, cause hardware is cold lifeless crap.
i’d like to spend more on my kids instead.

that’s why i prefer to squeeze the most from whatever hardware I have.
Like, i still have my P4 from like 2003, and I’m not going to upgrade anything for as long as it works.

Not to sound cold or heartless, but that’s why I don’t have kids. I love em and all, but I can’t see myself having them now. Depending on me. That and most of all I can’t see myself finding any women trust worthy enough at this juncture of my life. People have become very sinister nowadays. At least with hardware I know that I can for the most part count on it being there and it’ll give back what I put into it.

Besides, whenever I feel like getting in touch with my inner kid, I go to my neighbor’s house, they have 5. Awesome kids.

ok, a severe offtop is about to follow. but it’s kinda cool here. don’t know why.

That is just a wrong thing to say to yourself, you know. You don’t have (or you have) kids or family not because of this or that. You just (don’t) have them, period.
It’s just a typical western mindshitset “i love her because she’s smart” or “i can’t have kids because i’m busy” and it’s just weak. If you have something in your life, you just accept it or reject it, and that’s all you do, no ‘because’ here.
The ‘because’ only ruins everything in the end.

Such things appear in your life when it’s cue for them to appear. Like learning.

I’m not complaining about it, I’m just stating how I feel on the subject. I’ve accepted what I have.

It’s just I’ve seen what crap my parents went through when they divorced years ago, and I don’t want that, for me or my kids. I guess I’m just still waiting for the girl that pushes all the right buttons. :)

Like the doctor said to friend of mine having an abortion: “you’re never prepared or ready for children, anyway”.

I’m pretty sure the idea is to have them and let them work it out… yeah, don’t take that literally, but the idea that we have to provide and explain everything to them is extreme as well.

But yeah, of course I want to be at least somewhat balanced and productive… and the woman IS a huge factor… but economically I think I’ll always find solutions when the pressure is high enough, so trying to look into glass balls is a waste of time.

While we still ponder if to have kids, they could already have grown up!

Plus, the people who make hardware are often pretty sinister, too.

Well yeah, how else do you expect them to make the wicked shizz they make? A square isn’t gonna do it.
Besides, just cause they make it doesn’t mean I have to deal with the people. :)

But I do agree with what you’re saying about looking through glass balls. When I’m in a relationship, I’m willing to put in the effort. But just because one is willing, doesn’t mean the other is as willing.

Well, guess what, they’ve left you a heritage you’ll have to sort out, eventually. The only way to undo that wrong, is step into their shoes, walk their walk, and not repeat their mistakes.
Life usually presents such opportunities sooner or later.

Yeah, and it’s very surprising when you finally do find that girl, and after a while she suddenly starts pushing the wrong buttons. And you have to learn to forgive.