Saving As Midi Song

I think the next version of renoise should be able to save the song as a MIDI song because then its easy to create a score.

Not worth the effort, imho. You could only save the basic information to midi-file anyway, so why bother.

I use MIDI Yoke to connect Renoise to an application like Anvil studio and save as MIDI in there, or you can link Renoise to EnergyXT, transfer the notes to EnergyXT and then save as .MID.
If you are willing to install a PHP server engine you can also use a script that converts Renoise songfiles to MIDI:
It ain’t perfect, but it does a pretty decent job!

I cant seem to get Anvil Studio to record from the MIDI yoke, it just say no notes saved. Any ideas?

there is surely something wrong in your input-output configuration: have you set up your Renoise instruments MIDI properties so that each of them is connected to a MIDI Yoke Output port, and did the same in Anvil through the corresponding MIDI Yoke Input ports?

I also recommend the XRNS2MIDI script.

It does the job.