Saving individual track data as a midi file.

I want to be able to create a drum beat starting with single hits (audio samples). Then i would like to store the trigger information in sections so, one midi file would contain the kicks, one the snares etc. then i would store these all in one folder that would contain all the midi files in layers for one break kind of like a drum machine. Basically i dont want to render each layer into additional audio loops i would like to be able to just arrange these files and assign them new audio samples as is needed. Any ideas would be great. Cheers

Renoise definitely needs its midi importing and exporting improved…hopefully it will be updated in the next version.

  1. Use another instance of Renoise, i.e. open up two Renoise running independent of each other, Renoise A and Renoise B.
  2. Arrange the stuff you need in Renoise A, use the group channel feature.
  3. Copy and paste from Renoise A (the container/data bank) into Renoise B (the song) arrangement. You can copy and paste everything, including the samples/instruments.

That’s how I do it, since Renoise doesn’t handle midi files very well. In fact, I have huge amounts of .xrns files that just contain building blocks and loops. It takes some time to copy-paste, but for some unknown reason the concept of building a bank of re-useable contents (aka “clips”) seem to be low priority for the developers. I hope they’ll at least consider implementing some sort of import/export of Group track contents (complete with its subchannel DSP chains and used samples/instruments). Such a feature would save huge amounts of time that today has to be spent on copy-pasting from another Renoise instance.

Cheers .xrns. I guess if i just use the xrns file as a folder instead it works the same. Its not ideal but im better off than i was this morning. Your a gent :)