Saving Midi Map Parameters & Other Bits..

I’m pretty certain it’s not possible to save or cut & paste mapped MIDI parameters at the moment (unless someone knows otherwise). Could this be made possible by say, having a load/save mappings button in the each item in the DSP chain (or perhaps in the right-click menu)? I guess this might be hard to implement if you can only map one parameter per controller and there’s conflicts. How about one controller mapped to more than one parameter at a time anyway?
I’ve also found myself farting about far too long trying to find already mapped controllers too. Could there be a ‘go to mapping’ button put in the MIDI mapping window?

One other thing that would be immensely useful to me is the ability to load VSTs (and perhaps even DSPs) from within an xrns (like we can with RNI at the moment). Could this be made possible?

I’m probably missing some fundamentals about how this may not work, if so, please enlighten me!