Saving Sample Properties


I can’t seem to save a sample at any other pitch other than c-4. When I transpose the sample down an octave for example using either the transpose button in ‘sample properties’ or in ‘instrument properties’ it will play an octave lower when using a midi keyboard to play the note. As you would expect the sample will also play an octave lower when clicking the virtual keyboard at the bottom of the screen. However, when I click the sample preview button on the left hand side of the screen or save my sample and preview it in the directory the sample plays back at c-4. Any tips on transposing samples? (I am using a fully licensed copy of renoise 3)


You need to resample it and the Renoise Sampler is not supporting such functionality inside the sampler.
You can play the note you want the sample to transpose to in the pattern, select the time range that the note fills in the track and then rightclick in the pattern and select the “Render selection to Sample” option.

Most typical samples — ie. WAV or FLAC files that Renoise can save — do not typically have any note or transpose data stored within them. They usually only store the sample rate at which they’re intended to play. So, at the moment, when you save a sample from Renoise, this extra note/transpose data is simply ignored.

(as mxb so kindly points out, this data can be supported: reference … but it is not supported by Renoise at the moment)

If you want to save sounds with additional tuning properties, then you can save them as instruments instead.

Or as vV suggested, if you really need to save the samples at different frequencies/pitches for some reason, then you’ll need to resample them before saving.