Saving The "track Dsps" List Arranged As I Need Into The Tem

Hi, having like 30+, 50+ DSPs in the track DSPs list, (alongside with all the Native DSPs already in here) all the names and vendors tree expanded by default is really time consumig to orient in. I know about the hide function, but this helps only a bit. Its annoying to arrange the list after each load of the song, or for fresh one.

I though it will be nice if Renoise could save (user arranged) list of DSPs (same for instruments list) to the template song. What do you guys think?

Edit: And save it as I left it - along with the saving of the song of course :)

Search box not working for you or something?

Actually nothing found on track+Dsps+locking+saving or arranging DSPs, except my own post. Perhaps you can help me finding the right keywords for search, thanks. I read manual also, but found nothing on this topic.

Edit: I am not talking about saving DSPs chains. I meant this DSPs list (This is fresh 2days old XP install, the list is usually 2x bigger):

Of course this is only example of ideal DSPs tree for me right now. The point is to keep most often used DSPs expanded and those used occasionally left collapsed, and save the state of it along with the song. This would (for ppl with loads of DSPs) speed up the work, and fast workflow is one of great things about the Renoise.

lol, I didn’t mean the forum’s search, I meant; “can’t you use the seach box at the top of the dsp list to quickly find what you want?”

Oh that search box :) sure I am using it for often used fx, comps under C-… EQs under E-… Still no doubt it would be more effective to have the whole list properly sorted out after clicking on “more”.