Scalable Svg Icons

did some simple scalable icons

scalable-mimetypes-application-x-renoise-icons by dupo-x-y, on Flickr
get it from this link

got the idea from the xrns icon
the rest is using idea from the Disk_Browser

I’m a n00b, but what can you do with this / what is it good for?

I use this on linux with AssoGiate, an editor of the MIME file types database for GNOME.
It allows users and administrators to customize the detection and presentation of file types by GNOME and other environments
so I have the icons I want in nautilus(gnome file manager) for *.xrnx *.xrni *.xrnt *.rns

if your on linux and you have done renoise
you can install AssoGiate, run it and search for renoise to replace the icons