Scale Envelope modulation?

Is it possible to scale the Envelope device in modulation? As far as I can tell it’s not possible, maybe I’m missing a trick/workaround.

I’m wanting to have a polyphonic effect of an LFO rate fading from fast to slow when a note is triggered. There is no way to modulate another device (i.e. Fader > LFO rate), so the Envelope with the correct envelope entered would work, but the rate it plays back is fixed.

Another idea was using the 0T tremolo command in a phrase, which works, but it’s fixed to a sine modulation. It would be great if that had other wave types (not sure how that would be selected, maybe in a spare fx column).

I know that the Sampler FX can be used with Keytracker, Envelope and an LFO or two, but that’s monophonic and doesn’t yield the effect I’m after

Any ideas?


I can’t seem to find a solution either .

The (poly) lfo speed can only be controlled with a monophonic keytracker