Scan finds VSTs but don't show in list

I set my proper VST and AU folders in preferences. I rescan. Renoise says is finds 604 VSTs and 27 instruments. But only 24 VSTs show up in the plugins list. I’ve tried unchecking and rechecking the folder boxes, I’ve double checked that all my VSTs are in that folder, I’ve rescanned, I’ve rebooted. Every time it finds all 604 VSTs but only shows that small handful.

VST Instruments are loaded into an instrument’s Plugin section — that’s the 27 you’ve found so far.

VST Effects are typically loaded into a track’s device/effect chain (see image below) which is separate from the instrument.

Optional: VST effects can also be loaded into an instrument’s internal effect chain(s).

8146 renoise-vst-fx.PNG

Thank you so much! Just learning Renoise this weekend. It’s been an adventure, but I am loving the workflow. Coming from Elektron hardware sequencing, this feels like the closest thing to that workflow I’ve ever seen in software! Thanks for the help!

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