Song Comment Forum!!!

When you upload a song to the songs page you also automaticly start a thread in the song forum. People will here be able to comment on your work and newbies will be get valuable advice from veterans.

The authors can also comment on how they did this and that… etc. The possibilities are endles!!! :) YEAH!

??? Good idea??!!!


Not bad idea but i have no idea how to implement automatical post on Invision Board (which was not done by me) when song is posted.
It would be even easier to make my own board for posting comments on songs page.

We can create though new forum for commenting songs how about that?

A new Forum called “Song reviews”…

When you put a song up and you want reviews just post “new song” by “name” and the date…

You could limit it to one song per person at one time so it shouldnt get crowded…

Say I have a song posted up and I upload a new one I just delete my last songs thread and start afresh…

Never mind the automatic post feature. It is just an idea on how to get some structure. I mean, it would be nice to not have 30 threads on the same song. But… this is a small problem. I’m sure renoisers could solve it by themselves.

Rob > I think the threads should remain on the board. People might download a song months after its release. It’s a good idea though to have some sort of template when you create a new thread. This ofcourse to help people find the right thread when they want to comment on a song. If people do not use this template they should be kicked out of the board and be unable to upgrade to future versions of Renoise… :lol: … just kidding.

Oh well… let’s wait for mr Eventions answer.

Ha ha!!! :lol:

I didn’t mean a diffrent forum!!!

I meant section of this forum…


More drugs please!!!

Suggestion: if a new section is added to this forum, a little diciplin (like that will happen :P ) among the users can keep a nice structure. Just pin a post with topic name conventions, telling people to name their new posts “Author: Song name” if it’s not already there, and post under the existing thread if it’s already made. And if there’s some way to automatically sort this section by thread topic, posts will be nicely sorted. Otherwise, the pinned post can just tell people to select “Sort by topic” then “Go!” at the bottom of the page to sort by author and then by song name. This could work…

The Invision board isn’t at all impossible to interact with. For example, I modified it on my site to send a PM for each new user when they activate their account… And I also made a statistics script that gets the global average length of all posts, all posts by each user and so forth… Creating new threads doesn’t sound like that much of a different task. Just have to browse around the database and take some notes. :)