Schemawound On Soundcloud

I met mr schemawound on soundcloud today, another renoise tracker, I found his material really quite well done and figured since I’ve never heard of him here that I’d give him a plug.

“Schemawound is a solo electronic project of J.Siemasko. Free from the constraints of genre Schemawound is free to evolve and change with every release.”

It doesn’t get any better than that, imo… here are my favs of his, one which got quite a flattering comment from dave phillps (linux journal) himself:

Well I knew setting up a google alert on my name would come in handy at some point ;)
Thanks for the kind words. The first piece was actually put together in Vegas Video (for some reason) and the second had the main noise loop done in renoise and then everything else was tracked on top using Reaper.

I do have some fully Renoise albums with another user coming soon, in the mean time feel free to check out my other work at my

Thanks again for the publicity :)

I guess this would also be a good place to mention I just uploaded a remix kit for the song Knife Technique
The main beat is done in Renoise and the rest of the sequencing was done in Reaper.

More Info: Knife Technique Remix