Schizophrenia Awareness

Have you heard of the study that suggests “a single dose of CBD can reduce symptoms of psychosis by “resetting” activity in three brain areas”?

One could ponder whether Marijuana contain chemicals that goes both ways to maintain balance and once you take out the THC you may benefit from the good chemicals??

Yes I know about CBD and already experimented with it. It kind of made my mind very sober and conscious in a very good way, most clean and intense when the CBD was pure (no other cannabinoids…) and administered in high dosages. It is just that I cannot afford buying it myself as permanent treatment. Studies are running, stuff might one day be valid for prescription - I am waiting for that day… There are different studies that already happened and found its effectivity similar to current antipsychotic medication with less side effects, and some studies are currently running where it is tested as a treatment in real life conditions.

CBD in weed also makes the effects of THC less devastating. To put short, if there is a lot of CBD in the weed, the THC will fuck the mind in a less intense way. Most weed from the black market has only little or no CBD in it. I personally believe though, how aggressive the stuff is also depends on other substances from the plant, and those are different for every strain of cannabis.

There is also CBD weed that has very little THC but as replacement lots of CBD. It does not get you high, but only relaxes the mind. Its kind of like alcohol free beer.

That the THC stuff is so dangerous for psychotic people, is probably not just because of addiction and the hallucinations. I believe the psychotic person has something lacking in the brain that the stuff activates. Also the usual medication has heavy mental and physical side effects, that thc can relief in certain ways.

The problem with calling this a medical condition is that medicines themselves contribute to the situation. As I said earlier you might aswell drink Cider then.

The medical condition is often based on drug abuse, and that must stop ofcourse. The rest is just symbolic, and solved with anti-symbolism such as I/T.

It basically was The Holy Grail. Whose rooftop libations still is reflected in church G-d belief due to this.

Serene Greetings.

Actually Perry 5.4 seems quite good also. Maybe even a bit broader than Cider 5.2, including productculture. Much of the world is productculture, and seems anti-scizophrenic aswell.