School Headache

So I have a signal theory test coming up which I’ve had no time preparing for the last half year due to procrastinating on other stuff, books, the internets and Renoising :drummer: . I can expect questions like:

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Is there anyone here who finds this stuff easy-peasy, someone doing physical modeling maybe, can you please direct me to a good resource on this? I.o.w the answers or hints towards them lol.


Nopes, i’m afraid you’re toast :P

I’m afraid too :(

Just because i like you so much: bump

I just passed my final acoustics test of this year with a 6. So I’m afraid I can’t help you with this. I’ve got some formulasheets on acoustics and the book ‘acoustics and psychoacoustics’ but I don’t think they’ll help you very much…

Thnx mate, but I have all the formula’s, just need the brains lol. Will work something out with the teacher hopefully, a replacement assignment.

Then simply bribe someone smart to sit in front of you either on the left or right so you can cheat off his or perhaps her sheet.

haha wouldn’t work, teacher build in a system using different tests per row. You’d be copying the wrong answers :slight_smile:

that’s a smart teacher :rolleyes: