I’d like to move to another country (havent decided exactly where yet), so I was wondering if everybody in here, can post some links to the best schools for electronic music composition (or something near to that).
I´m not looking for expensive courses. More like Conservatories, music academies or art-academies maybe?

Here (in denmark) there is an education for elektronic music composition on the royal danish music academy

So what have you got?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Electroacoustic Studies at Concordia. That’s what I studied in the late 90s.…troacoustic.php

There’s some Electroacoustic classes at McGill too, but I didn’t go there.

thanks! that looks interesting.

Anybody else?

The question is, what are you more interested in… production technique or music theory? I doubt you’ll find anything that caters to electronic music, as that’s not where the jobs are.

Well i´m not really looking for a job, I´m just looking for a place to get new ideas and improve my skills. We have, as mentioned earlier, a place like that in denmark. It´s at the music academy. But i´d really like to try a new city. So I was just checking if somebody in here knew of something close to what we have here. ( )

Maybe this kind of education only exists in denmark, i dunno?=