Scopes With Volume And Panning

I think it could be useful to have levels/clip indicators, as ppl have suggested many times before.

I also sometimes miss a basic vol/pan overview (mixer). So why not add a few basic things in the scopes?

Here you see a simple vol/pan value that you can click and drag to change.
I think this make most sense if its a ‘hidden’ gainer last in the track fx-chain.
You dont need the ‘v’ and ‘p’ letters either. Edit: removed letters.

If you got lots of tracks and the scopes get narrow the numbers can be replaced by a symbol. When you click and hold the symbol a slider or something will pop up:

Other ways could be to get popup-slider by just leftclick and hold any place in the scope to get volume slider. And rightclik and hold to get pan slider.

QUOTE hcys from another thread:
The first picture is great. Just to have the info visible. The second looks a little cluttered, but more because of the actual scopes than your addition. IMHO it’s actually time the scopes were done something with. I’m just a front page blasphemer I guess.
Having them above/below each track (maybe contractable/expandable) seems like a logical step to take, except it would eat screenspace.
Throw a few small track indicators (for clipping, etc) on the first one and it’s the perfect addition.

Yeah… I agree this can get quite cluttered.
I think there are many ways of doing this.
Of course you could remove the entire scope window and replace it with a traditional mixer view. Or add another tab with mixer only.
Alexander once made a nice picture of bars instead of the scopes.

Or you could have a combination of both:

Or another one with stereo bars:

Well… I’m not sure whats best. I dont care that much about scopes/indicators.
IMHO a quick access to vol/pan are more important.
And as said, this scope-vol/pan device should be hidden last in the fx chain. Not first as the ‘default’ track/vol/pan devices are now.
This way you wont destroy compressor input and other settings in the middle of the fx-chain.

the second image is undoubtably better looking, though maybe less informative.

Anyway, personally I don’t care very much about such a feature, but sill… :)

The whole scopes thing is obsolete. Let the past to the past. What are they [I]used[I] for anyway?

Mixer instead of track scopes! With the possibility to access to the track effects as well.

:yeah: 666 :guitar:


Looks good and readable though (either of them, but I guess the second with bars makes the most sense) and would be useful to have while we’re waiting for some type of mixer view.

Scopes can give you a better idea of what channel activity you have than most variants I’ve seen.
A mixer with scopes=dream combination.

Ok, I see… let them live then.

But I would like them to be switchable, because they take a lot of space right now. We should be able to switch between all the tipical mixer commands and the scopes. Maybe that switch could be a click right on the spot and/or a defeault setting in the preferences.

Just a few edits.
I removed the letters from first picture, making it much less cluttered I think.
As Atlantis pointed out in another thread there is no reason to have more then one decimal on volumes.

In the last two pictures I also changed some of the colours.

Good idea!

But this got me thinking… about layout.

What if the scopes were positioned at each track instead? Then we’d have an even more easily accessable basic mixer.

Then I was thinking - if scopes are moved from the top frame into the pattern view - that would make less space for the pattern.

But what if the minimized top frame was the standard?

Couldn’t the Disk Browser just as well be in the bottom frame? And perhaps the less frequently used buttons could be moved to a hideable side frame. And the Pattern Sequencer would then have to move to the right side IMO. This would also move the new/delete-track and the new/delete-pattern buttons away from eachother. I haven’t worked much on the layout of the side panel, this is just a quick test.

I’m not sure what to do about master and send track scopes. And I’m not sure where the spectrum view would go.

Any ideas?

This layout could of course be improved a lot - maybe the scopes/mixer would be better below the tracks?

Oh yeah, the side panel could probably have different buttons depending on the main view?


Well the biggest problem with that design is that you can only see scopes for onscreen tracks. Whereas the current system you can make changes to any track you want. All the time.
And if you use several columns per track. You might only see 2-3 trackes at once (and ditto scopes).

But this might be an option to have when you hide upper frame?

Oh, I forgot… everybody doesn’t track the way I do. Some like to use lots of tracks and huge chords. I usually fit all my tracks on the screen - and maybe twice as wide in extreme situations.

Anyway - I felt like brainstorming a bit around your idea and renoise layout.

imho level-meters are more important than the useless scopes …
maybe a combination-mode … but a level-meters-only mode too!!!

i’m not sure but i’m afraid that this is not a good idea.

it’s maybe confusing while editing the pattern …
If I want to write a song, I want to concentrate
myself to the pattern and the notes only. nothing more
… and only sometimes, or after finishing the whole song, I check the mix.
that’s why we need a full size mixer - not only a dsp-tab for a single channel.

imho think about the priorities and the workflow in making music with Renoise!

Yes I agree, it was a bad idea. :(

Hey. This is the forum for brainstorming and crazy ideas!

Good or bad, as long as the discussen is kept alive there will sooner or later come new brilliant ideas :)

So keep’em coming B)

no - not bad, but imho simple level-meters or a simple peak-LED should be enough for the pattern edit screen …

and i know it’s much work to make good visual examples of ideas! it’s great to show visions without big words!