Scoregasm, Or How I Finally Made It!

Hi everyone,

Some of you might recognize me although most of you will probably wonder who this crazy person is :D

My story:

About five years ago, I decided to upgrade from Fasttracker 2 to Renoise because frankly, my ideas were too cumbersome to put into practice with FT2. The first years were hard as I had to re-learn almost everything from scratch, but eventually I gained confidence in my work again.
When I started with Renoise, a friend of mine joked about how I’d become famous now that I had a real musicians program. I joked back that "the day I earn cash is the day I’ll buy a license hehe " and I didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

But things snowballed, I got better, music got better and I made some contacts with a few very good indie game devs.
So I’m here today to share with everyone that I made it, I’m finally a licensed Renoise user!

The game (and soundtrack that I wrote for it) that made all this possible is here:


Without Renoise, this wouldn’t have been possible, so I’m glad I can finally repay this debt :D

Edited for clarity.

//John Marwin

Good job mr. Magnificent! And welcome aboard :) Will check the soundtrack later!

It’s all my fault :o