Scratch Pad Idea

Not sure if this has been mentioned before OR if its already possible and i don’t know about it

When creating in renoise i tend to have several blocks created just for laying out idea’s before i start to lay out a piece of music properly. Now while this is a good idea i find it can get in the way a bit.

What id like to see is as mentioned in the title a “scratch pad” of some kind, say several blocks that can be used simply for laying out idea’s etc. A key or button could be used to swap display between main grid for song construction and that for laying out idea’s

Hope that makes some sense !

I hope when the sequence arranger on the left side of the pattern editor gets pimped and thoroughly updated, something like this will be implemented.
Some kind of storage space for ideas that can be easily dragged and ordered in the ‘real’ song.

Maybe like how patterns work in Fruityloops, where you can play with them before ordering them in the playlist editor (for all horizontal lego’ing).