Screen Capture Utility Needed

Hey everybody,

I would like to capture some videos of me doing Renoise stuff.
I have tried CamStudio which is free and small, but for some reason it was unable to capture audio from speakers (to capture Renoise playing)

Can anyone guess why, or recommend a different software for that purpose?


I use ‘Windows Media Encoder’ and have no problems with it. You can easily search and find it on the net.

Downloaded, installed and tested.
Didnt like it. When will they drop the WMA/WMV formats? Hate those.

I’ve tested a lot of these softwares and basically the only one that does the job properly for me in regard to high quality audio in most formats is Techsmith’s Camtasia,

Their SnagIt product would be my first choice for screen snapshots in general.

Yes, tried Camtasia once.
Dont remember what it was, but it caused some damage to my ability to play videos. Probably messed too much with all the codecs and stuff.

This is truly annoying that all the capture software send you to get codecs, and when you do go to the codecs site you have to navigate your way between source code downloads (lame MP3, Xvid) and between “pro” downloads that install the yahoo toolbar (DivX)


So far what seem to work for me is:
CamStudio to record
Using the default video compression (Video 1, uncompressed)
Using the Lame MP3 encoder.

Then, on a separate process, I use VirtualDub to convert to XviD
The XviD encoder does not want to work in CamStudio, go figure.

Does YouTube accept xvids? Anyone knows?
On their site they say “you can use compression” but they fail to say which are supported…

Google for hypercam, i used it some years ago. It has codec / audio support.

Icarus: You can use a whole bunch of formats on youtube, but they will (afaik) convert it to their own format in yet another step.

Thanks. Downloaded a trial and tested. Works nicely so far, and I did not have to change too many settings.
Captured a nicely compressed video and audio, and seem to be able to work with XviD as well.

Yes, I have read that they convert to FLV - I guess I will give it a shot.

I want to create a bunch of examples for using RPG :)

Ok, my conclusions for “how to capture screen to video” are as follows, for anyone else wondering:

I specifically wanted a solution that requires as few actions as possible in order to reach the final product, which is a compressed AVI of screen activity + audio.

  • Install HyperCam - this is the best capture utility as far as I care. It is small and fast, and worked for me right “out of the box”.

With no further installations, you can create some compressed video with non-compressed audio. This is probably good enough for many users and will probably work on any PC that has some default codecs, but of course, I only tested this on mine.


  • Install XviD - this is the XviD Encoder for compressing the video further.

After installation, you will be able to select this as the encoder for HyperCam, which gives more compressed video.


  • Install LameACM - this is the MP3 encoder (Google “lame acm”, download and extract then right click the Inf file -> Install)
  • Download VirtualDub - this is how we will convert some audio / video formats.

This step will allow you to use MP3 audio encoding, to further compress the audio.
Working with VirtualDub may look complicated at first, especially for those who dont care much about all the different formats and encoders, but there is not much to it.
I use it to just convert the XVID AVI into an XVID AVI with MP3 audio (instead of the PCM non compressed generated by HyperCam)

Of course, someone may come to this thread after me and post something like “or just use XYZ software instead” - well I hope they do.
I did not find any software that you just install, and it is responsible to install MP3, XviD and/or DivX encoders for you, and lets you do the screen capturing in one click, as it should be.

Hope this helps someone else.

I stand corrected (by myself… :) )
I am able to get a much better sound quality with CamStudio.
A lot more work on the compression area, but it is what it is.

Does anyone have any experience with uploading youtube videos that take the whole screen? 1024x768?

I mean I know YouTube limites to 100mb and compresses the video to FLV, but I need to know if they resize it - I want to make a full screen video, that will be at high resolution. maybe?
also from techsmith…


ps. as far i know youtube converts all to 320*240 500kb/s and dropped their 100mb limit, now 1000mb.

Jing looks sweet - loved their video tour.
Wow - 320-240… thats harsh… (EDIT: I think there are cellphones with higher resolution no? :) )
Dont see what is their peoblem to allow any resolution I want, as long as I meet their size limits.
Their help is quite lame. In “What file formats can I upload” They say “AVI/MPEG/WMV”… duh…

Is there any other place where we can post full screen videos? I mean how else can people make nice tutorials?
The cropped area that follows the mouse is very annoying.
I would have hosted these videos on my site, but they will chew up my monthly bandwidth while I still upload them… :)

First google result for “upload high resolution videos”

Will give it a shot. The king is dead, long live the king.

And thanks mlon for the quick reply.

copied from other thread: long camtasia / soundcard rant

I’d like to play around with some capturing as well, but encounter problems doing so in camtasia, due to my Echo Indigo I/O soundcard.

I can’t set it up in renoise to record the audio in camtasia. I only record silence on the audio front, but the screen is captured fine. The indigo drivers seem program dependent; in that you can’t share the same channels. There also isn’t a ‘mix’ feature/slider in the soundcards virtual console (=soundcards mixer settings). Such a slider would also be helpful when recording its own output in a wave editor…(For example: this is the reason I can’t easily record audio from a youtube video, without resorting to obscure recording alternatives/lot of work)

Airing this problem to the echo-devs they recommended me to check out ‘virtual cable’ ( ). This is an app that creates virtual cables to be able to route the audio between applications. Although a little fiddly, it works after some buffer tweaking in the settings…

Problem still is an irritating latency on the line-in front, where I’ve connected a microphone. Whenever I speak, the same words bounce back in the headphones about a second later, fucking everything up in the process.

Basically I’m stuck on how to set up my soundcard & camtasia, so if there are any echo indigo users here that have got this to work, please help!



This looks like it is soundcard related, but I am not sure.
I think I finally got to a good setup:

CamStudio to capture - uncompressed
Load it in Multiquence for some basic editing and save as XviD, uncompressed audio
If the file gets too big, I load it in VirtualDub to generate a version with Lame audio

Too many steps, I know, but this is the shortest and most convenient I was able to do.
Its truly a shame that this area is still so lagging behind in user experience terms. We just wanted to capture some video damn it… :)

I also count on the fact that this high resolution video service I found earlier is worth something. I am creating 1024x768 RPG tutorials… instead of sleeping. Not too good for that work thing…
I would expect that YouTube - the master of videos in the 00s will have tons of tutorials and tools for users to download.