"script Not Responding"... Not

Any way to disable the “Script not responding” message?
When running a tool, I often have to click through several of these messages before I get any results. They appear not because the script has failed, but because it is working.
It’s only a problem because the message pauses the script. So I have to reactivate it again and again…

Your own script?

It’s not something you can turn off. Anything that takes too long should be re-coded appropriately.

Rewrite the code and use something like ProcessSlicer or OneShotIdle.

Thanks for the reply.
Not my own tool. I don’t code and cannot rewrite anything.

In a 80 track, 170 patterns song, most tools will produce a lot of “Script not responding” (though working perfectly fine).
It’s solid tools like

Clear Junk Data (approx. half a pattern per message)
Find and replace (approx. half a pattern per message)
Pattern resizer (1 pattern per message)

I have a 2.4 GHz CPU.

There needs to be a toggle, something like ‘don’t remind me again’, or just a possibility to break the process yourself using escape or something for when it is taking too long. Using Mogue’s lbp tool or Johanns run command on selection I always have to be standby to click the notice which suxorzz.

Yes, that would be very welcome, indeed. Unfortunately, this “not responding” thing - which appears every 10 seconds! - makes most scripts almost unusable for me.

It’s really not possible to change some parameter somewhere which will change the this?

No, it is not.

Option 1) Hope someone at Renoise HQ agrees with you and implements such a feature.

Option 2) Contact the authors of the scripts that are creating problems on your machine, tell them to look at the code I linked in the 2nd post, ask them to refine their Tool.

Good luck.

The script writers simply need to add the onshot idle routine to allow Renoise some idle time processing, this will prevent the message from occuring.
It wasn’t possible with the older version of Renoise but for sure is since Renoise 2.7 (the dialog also didn’t got implemented earlier than 2.7).