Scriptable Vst?!?!

Just in case noone’s clicked it yet, it’s a VST that allows you to write effects in java(… or javascript?)… REALTIME… and save them for future use. You can also use the same code with the jvaptools sdk to compile your effect permenantly! VST dev just got a whole lot easier.

WOOOT! This is amazing stuff. I’m definitely gonna check this out.

I don’t care about musical applications. I just want a shiny GUI !!!

No… I just didn’t want to learn c++ … I already know java though ;)

Hey Byte-S I think you misunderstood what I meant, those iraony tags was there for a reason… I mean, here’s a kickass plugin, godsend for dedicated people like you and me, but I know that a lot will look at it and say “whoa, that doesn’t look very good, can’t be that great sounding either”. Now the funny thing is, I am really enthusiastic about GUI design, but with a musician’s approach instead of a graphic designer’s.

Apart from that, what are the actual limitations to this plugin? I mean, Java can access the file system, network, external devices …sky’s the limit, it would seem.

Well, aside from the scripting console, the framework it uses is also available from the same site, and that’s compiled java… so yes, you can do anything with this.