Scripting Midi Mapping

Hey all,

I’m new to scripting in Renoise and really only considering diving into it for one thing right now: automating the tedious process of midi mapping large controller sets.

I believe Duplex performs similar tasks but I’m looking to do something a bit simpler that would just step through a MIDI-Control Device’s controls and assign it a CC number to output as well as assign what CC channel/number controls it.

My idea is to have various layouts like this saved both in Renoise and in my controller’s layout so that when I open a new instance of a soft synth in Renoise I could load a pre-determined MIDI-CC map that would use a unique MIDI channel from other instances of the same device.

If exporting MIDI maps of DSP devices were possible, this wouldn’t be necessary, but I saw in another topic that this was deemed unnecessary in this thread.

I’ll dive deeper if people think this is generally possible, but would appreciate a feasibility check from the community. Thanks,


I don’t think you need to consider scripting just yet…

You know that you can save a MIDI-mapped device as a DSP chain, and when you load it into another song, the mappings are preserved? This makes it quite easy to create recallable synth<->controller mappings. You don’t have to replace your existing DSP chain, as you can right-click the DSP .xrnt file and choose Load with options

Also, latest beta of Duplex has something called “parameter subsets”: you can use this feature to include only the parameters which are visible in the mixer. Very useful when you want to set up non-generic mappings that are saved along with the song.

Hmmm, yeah I actually saw you mention this in another post and got kind of excited thinking it would be perfect… but after saving and then reloading it in a new track it kept all the CC numbers that the MIID-Control Device sends to the VSTi, but all the MIDI mappings were gone. I believe I even ensured that “allow duplicate MIDI mappings” was enabled in case that was causing a conflict. Maybe I should try opening up a brand new file though?

Hmm, how would including only visible mixer parameters help me MIDI map a VSTi? I’ll have to look into this a bit more.

Thanks for the response,


Just checked this back at home and confirmed: if you load a DSP chain and a MIDI CC number that is mapped in the saved chain is currently mapped elsewhere in Renoise, that CC number isn’t re-mapped upon loading the DSP chain.

Makes sense and now that I know that, I think I can proceed without getting into scripting or Duplex (just yet…).

Much appreciated,