Scripting Terminal&editor Vanishes On Fullscreen On/off

I’ve got a little shortcut that is a 2nd fullscreen toggle shortcut. I just noticed that if I’ve got the Scripting Terminal & Editor open (but am in Renoise), and press the 2nd fullscreen, the Scripting Terminal & Editor vanishes completely, and cannot be called with the usual method (the shortcut I’ve configured to switch between Renoise and Scripting Terminal & Editor. (Move Focus to next window)

renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Paketti:2nd Fullscreen...",  
 invoke = function()   
 if w.fullscreen== true then  
 w.fullscreen = false  
 w.fullscreen = true  

It’s very strange to notice that the scripting terminal&editor is not kept safe but instead perishes on the way.

Full-screen mode in DirectX (if you are experiencing this in Windows) means more or less gaming mode, so whatever GUI element is working in “desktop-mode” is simply surpressed.
I don’t know if there is really much that can be done about it.

Well, there is no “gaming mode” anymore, we gave up this game alike fullscreen mode decades ago, but yay, there are some technical reasons why we have to close some windows when switching from fullscreen to windowed and back on all platforms (windows, linux and OSX). Not really a big deal, isn’t it?