Scripting terminals new file/dir dialog

Just a small bug in two dialogs:

  1. In Scripting Terminal & Editor

  2. Right click someplace in the folder tree and select “Create new directory” or “Create new file”

  3. Press cancel

A directory/file gets created even though it shouldn’t (the dialog should just disappear).

Renoise x64 3.1.0 - Win10

Joule,I would like to comment on another small issue that I think is malfunctioning in the terminal.

  1. Copy any text, CTRL + C or with the mouse.
  2. CTRL + F to open Find & Replace
  3. Use the mouse to paste the copied text.

For some reason the entire pull-down menu does not work within Find & Replace (it is not possible to select, copy or paste with the mouse.). Butin the menu just the line that refers to the access Find & Replace is unchecked as an optionsomething that does not happen if you use the top box to program.

If in the end the terminal is improved in a future version, add a text zoom, please !!!

Your case and mine does not work well in R3.1.1 x64.

I am sorry not to open another issue with this issue, but I feel that it will be another issue in the drawer of oblivion.