Scrollbar Needed

I use the song comment screen to enter the lyrics of a song.

I wonder why there doesnt appear a scrollbar if the text is bigger than the textbox.

now you have to click on the text and scroll with the cursor.

Have to agree on this.
But then again, I’m for porting Renoise to Flash. :lol:
I mean, have you SEEN the new aliasing in Flash 8? It’s TERRIFIC!!
And with AS 3, there’s no problem writing a VST host with funky, tweening menu’s. ;)

“Tweening.” Hmpf… Thanks a lot for reminding me of an assignment that’s months overdue. I took the flash course so I could understand flash better and to improve my relationship with it. Did it work? Fat chance! I only learned how to pollute the network with even more useless, heavy and stupid .swf’s. :rolleyes: