Scrolling In Block Looped Mode

When scrolling in block looped mode I would find it very useful if when you got to the end of the block (scrolling down) you go back to the beggining of the block. The way it is now in say a 1/4 block (pattern lenghth 64) loop from 00 > 15 when you press the down arrow on row 15 you go to row 16. It would make more sense to me if you went from row 15 to row 00 as it does when playing in this mode.

If I am editing I find I am constantly leaving the block that I am trying to stay on and edit by accidently overscrolling. I know it is possible to use the return key to go from 15 to 00 but I would definitely find it more useful if the arrows worked like this aswell (also you could scroll upward from row 00 to 15 rather than to row 63)

Another small (but less important!(to me)) improvement would be to be able to change the block loop value by holding down the left mouse button and scrolling through the values by moving the mouse up and down, as is possible with other value “boxes” i.e. BPM.