Scrolling Pattern-matrix=not Scroll Pattern Editor

if theres already a way to do this,please excuse me

but when scrolling the pattern matrix you shouldnt scroll in the pattern editor at the same time

what we have with this is sort of like the session view in ableton,so you should be able to scroll to the pattern you would like to trigger without scrolling in the pattern editor at the same time

heres a stupid picture

Thats what “Pattern Follow” is for? This big arrow button right to the record butto, left to the metronome button.

AHHHHHHH yeah ok,see i havent even explored the features from 2,1 fully yet hehe

It has been there since… 1.5?

Not in it’s current incarnation. That got introduced with 2.1 ;)

yeah thats what i meant

@s-n-s:you’ve just discovered one of the really great “modern” features of Renoise - edit any part of the song, while playing any other part :w00t: