Scrolling Problem

Yo! Whenever I scroll on the “grid” in a track it always scrolls down two steps but I want it to do just one, is this possible? Can’t find it in the interface or preferance :/. And also: in other trackers such as MT you can choose to put a note or a code for determined choice of steps (add every 4th step for example). How do you do that?

There’s currently no setting for the mouse wheel scrolling. But if you only want to scroll a single line at a time, then why not simply use the up and down arrow keys?

Adjust your Edit Step value:

Default key bindings for Edit Step are CTRL+1 for 1 step, CTRL+2 for 2 steps, CTRL+3 for 3 steps, etc.

Thanks :)

Im not used to using the numpad since I come from other music software programs but I guess Ill get used to it.

Another weird problem ive encountered is that I can’t map “Deselect”. Everytime I try to map it to ctrl+d it doesnt work and its still mapped to duplicate track, even though I clear duplicate tracks:s keybind.

We’re not talking about NumPad numbers, they wont work here (unless you remapped them yourself.)

Strange. Could warn you there is already a keybinding and ask if you are sure you want to overwrite it and then you should just be able to click OK.