Scrolling With Pitchwheel

Hi, I recently bought a cheap MIDI keyboard and it made renosise 10x better, it’s really awsome :D ! And I thought about this idea : it would make tracking very faster for me (and for you?) if I could scroll in pattern editor with pitchwheel and input noteoffs with sustain pedal, otherwise I need to switch from MIDI keyboard to normal keyboard all the time to just scroll a few bars down or up… What do you think about this? :)

this is what I think: pitch wheel is for changing pitch, and sustain pedal is for switching sustain on and off.

well, but you must admit that they are not very often used when tracking, this could give them at least some use :). It could be at least an turnable option.

They are often used with VSTi’s and anyone with hardware synths.
How do you think the Pitchwheel will work for scrolling?
it centers itself, should this be the middle of the track?
not a very logical choice to use that controller I think

Maybe we will see more Midi controls added to the Renoise sequencing features.
Maybe then, you will be able to assign your pitchwheel.

It would work like arrows on normal keyboard, when you hold the pitchwheel down, patter editor scrolls down, when up, scrolling up. I thought it could be used like that when not plaing so it shouldn’t affect any hardware or VSTis, or am I missing something?

That would be enough for me :)

Mod wheel perhaps? It stays where you tell it to.

yet that’s exactly what is often used in video editing ;)

You know what, I was messing with some vsts the other day and one of them had a wheel where I can manually detune the sound. I so badly wanted to automate it but I couldnt figure out a way to do it. Although I think we can change the pitch of some of the samples in renoise, I think it would be a whole lot better if there was a wheel in the dsp where we can manually change the pitch.

that wheel of your VST should be controllable with the pitchwheel. If so, you can add a MIDI Control Device and use the “Pitchbend” slider.

how about being able to natively map midi data input to any keyboard short cuts, since this doesn’t work under Windows with software that tries to accomplish this.