Sdk For Internal Renoise Plugins

I wish to have access to Renoise pattern data and handle to pattern panel to draw on it.
So i could write the arranger then.

I see it like that:

  • having own pattern editor (one instrument per pattern - same as single track in renoise)
  • arranger that will overwrite internal renoise patterns on the fly

Other way is to have ‘midi in’ available in renoise, but having freedom to assign each channel to different renoise intrument and track (like for channel 0 instrument 02 will played on track 04)
That’s the simplier way to get in to arranger development :)

Yes, the SDk to develop Renoise Plugs, would be nice :w00t:

I have read that Buzz sdk has support for custom sequencers. I am really up to writing own arranger, having that kind of sdk would save me some time - i will not have to code complete clone of renoise, but just an arranger :)