SDL for realtime audio?

I’m looking to get into programming some of my own realtime audio tools for fun. I’m fairly comfortable in C++, but just beginning to delve into SDL.

Is SDL up to the task for realtime (<5 ms latency) audio, or should I look elsewhere? I’d use portaudio, but it has compilation issues with gcc 4.8 / OSX, at least for me. I’m also using SDL for graphics, so if it can do the job for audio, I figure I might as well stick with something consistent.


portaudio is very widely used. i’d try to fix your compilation problems before abandoning it.

I have tried developing a small game in SFML and because I’m interested in audio, I’ve read about the audio part of the lib - seems it is only very apt at playing sample files in a pitch from .5 to 2x original. Didn’t try any realtime synthesis with it actually. Thanks for having me look at portaudio!