Se: Draw Tool Only Affects Selection

While perhaps not the most necessary change in the world, it does seem like the draw tool should only draw in the selected area when a selection is made.

This would be handy if you just want to, say, highlight a single peak and draw in a different type of curve to replace it without affecting the audio before or after. Yes, you can do it already just by only drawing on the peak, but this would make it easier and would help guard against mistakes.

Not an idea I’ve thought of but may be useful to some.

For now I suggest making your highlight and using the Zoom To Selection feature. Either Ctrl+Alt+S or via the context menu.

I did just noticed that both left and right mouse buttons behave the same with Draw tool. Maybe right-drag should always perform selection changes…

Good idea, thanks.

Now this I like.

I wondered about a straight line draw, for example, click + shift - > click could draw a straight line between the two clicks?

That would be pretty awesome.

If we were to have that, I would also want an “Interpolate” submenu in the right click menu with the obvious Linear, Logarithmic, and Exponential options. This would interpolate the selection (or the whole sample if no selection was made) from the first sample to the last.

That would be the shit. Perhaps the current “Smooth/Interpolate” options could be part of this submenu as well. I’ve started another thread for this, as it is a separate feature suggestion.