Search and Replace

ModPlug has a great feature where you can do a search and replace, which I think would be terribly useful. I just wrote a whole song using a C-4 of one instrument and now I’d like to change it to an F-3 of a different instrument with an effect- the search and replace would be perfect.

… i never need this … i know the structure of my song - every note every effect … don’t know could this useful?!

I would have had this feature lots of time when tracking drums (which is a process you may noticed takes a lot of time in my composition B) ), when you are using single-instrument-multi-samples drumkits.

Sometimes you may want to substitute a drum component with another (f.e.: each F-4 should become a G-4), and it is a pain when you realize this after having finished 40 patterns…!! :blink:

Some others could find this useful for some chord variations.

Another great use of this could be to change an effect value globally: say you are using a VSTi which has note gliding ranging one octave, then you suddenly realize that you want to substitute it with another one which has a raning of one tone. Probably you may want to s&r certain 91 xxxx
with others.

Obviously, the “search & replace” box should let you define the scope of the action, and let you confirm or not each substitution.

I imagine it this way:
two track rows, one matching the row to search, another one matching the new row to be written.

The only problem with this one is:
what about multicolumn stuff? :unsure:

Probably a search in multicolumns checkbox should solve this.

Anyway I can live without this feature. :ph34r:

understand … ok … thinking about drum-mappings …

may the search function could be combined with a multiple (block-)selection feature > u can search somthing multiple results in a pattern will be selected > or u can use a free defineable selection mask (e.g. every second line on one column) … after this u can use advanced edit to manipulate the selection

anyway … multiple selections (holding Cntrl) could be very useful!

by the way i don’t know why the word “Block” is used for simply (pattern)SELECTIONS … :blink: