Searching For A Song From Cooh Set

3.9.2010, he performed at crossclub in prague. He played 2 sets…first was a dupstep-set aka balkansky.

Second set was an usually COOH-set. Now I am insterested in the last song he played in his second set.
Maybe someone was there too?!

To describe the sound:

Common dupstep tune, special thing was --> it made excessive use of a basslayered “rewinding a vinyl”-sound.

'Hope someone can help me. :w00t:


If you’ve got a phone and the ability to play it again, you could try

Sounds like a track from the latest PRSPCT EP, together with The Panacea :)

Do you have an (at least almost) exact name please?
This one? Can’t hear it at the moment. :-S

btw, unfortunately I can’t play it again.

F i n a l l y