Searching For Indian/arabic Singing

hi folks, i’m searching for singings like the ones on this release
does somebody know some artists singing indian / arabic ??

have you tried soulseek?

i just typed “hindi” in a search and got loads of hits.

or find a random indian person in your city and ask them :P.

would have checked soulseek either for artists, but i’ll try hindi.
but the other way seems even better ;)

yeah i didnt know what artists to search for either, but users there categorise their stuff pretty nicely so most times you dont even need the artist names.

i love soulseek :D
Listen to the stuff on their myspace, it’s really good Persian chillout. Best CD I’ve ever bought [so far!].

yeah sounds pretty nice. now gimme da acapellas ;)

oh you were looking for a capellas?

should’ve said so :[

at first i just wanted some names for prehearing some of their tunes and then i should have searched for acapellas. but the things i’ve heard where quiet quite so sampling seems to be no problem… oh… did i really said that? ^^