Searching For Pitch Vst

hi folks! i’m looking for a “new” pitch VST. at the moment i’m using Steinbergs “Ultra Voice”. it works good but i’ve always got a lag when doing following:
i used a cutty ranks acapella, put it as F-4 into the pattern to make it fit the speed of the breakz and melody etc. but it sounds too high, like micky mouse, you know ;)
so i used Ultra Voice to pitch it down to the original sound of cutty’s voice, but the problem is, after setting the vst to the sound i wanted, it has got a lag of maybe 1 second and that makes the vocals don’t fit to the breakz and the speed etc… i putted the F-4s of the vocals some rows up and it nearly fitted, but not the way i want.
so my question simply is: do you know some other "pitch-only"vsts? or is the situation i described a general problem while pitching…?

Yes, it’s a general problem when pitching, and you will always have some strange side-effects when trying to do this in realtime on extreme settings. If you want it in realtime you usually have to choose between crappy sound quality which responds instantly, or good quality which suffers from latency/delay (normally some kind of FFT based processing which is very intensive).

In my opinion it would be a better idea to pre-process the vocal sample itself before bringing it into Renoise. Use an application which has a nice, high-quality pitch/time-stretch function, then use this to speed up the vocal while preserving the pitch, and then use this new sample in Renoise where you can cut it precisely the way you want and not have to suffer any latency.

One application which is nice (and free) is Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch:

(here’s a link to the latest Win32 version)

This one is actually a bit better suited to more “ambient” sounds though… string pads and things like that. Not 100% sure how nicely it works on vocals.


thanky, i’m gonna check it. yesterday evening i’ve just been too lazy to pitch the vocals before using them in rns…