Searching Things...

Hi i am searching afther the following things

  • something good too cut samples
  • something to make rave synths
  • something to make bad-ass basslines

can anyone help me with that?

Cut samples, I use the 09xx effect command for that, and volume 00 to stop the sample.

For phat rave and basslines, and basedrums I use the new distortion effect in Renoise 1.90b4 that has a “folding” option. With it, i can make… well bad-ass bases and basslines :)

There are primary tools to copy/cut/paste/trim samples in the sample editor.
And for a better use of 09xx command see here.

There are lots of VSTi’s out there for such synths and basslines, but if you want to use Renoise’s native effects try to make some experience using Distortion and Lofimat (which really rocks ;)) along with EQs. Soon you’ll find the way how to weild them in making your sounds. Don’t forget to go through the DSP tutorials first.

Use what you have.

The pioneers of Rave did not buy gear for their work. They used what little they had to make genius music. Same with any artist.

Best thing is to get one synth and just use the internal Renoise plugins.

This way of limiting yourself is very very productive. You stop worrying about the gear and start making art…

There are loads of synths out there, so just choose the one that you most like the look of and learn it inside-out.

you will not find a more flexible multidimentional tool for f$%±§ng up samples etc, than renoise, when you become comfortable with 09xx you will find what you are looking for, also combine this with outher effect commands, and you will be the destroyer of beats.
as far as synths- EXPERIMENT :)

Agree, use the KiSS protocol.
(keep it simple stupid).

Hey, but nobody is stupid, i had many years before I found out the KiSS part again.
Nowadays i create basslines in minutes that rock :D