Second Shortcuts For Transport Actions

I have recently entered the third millennium by getting a dismissed multimedia keyboard from my father :)

so I thought it would be nice to be able to assign the multimedia keys like Play/Pause, Stop, Record, Forward and Rewind to second/new shortcuts:

Play/Pause should be assigned to “2nd play/pause/edit”
Stop should be assigned to “2nd Stop playing”
Record should be assigned to “2nd Toggle EditMode”
Forward should be assigned to “2nd Go to next pattern in sequence”
Rewind should be assigned to “2nd Go to previous pattern in sequence”

What about hard wiring those to Start/Stop and so on instead?

I see the multimedia keys as an alternative to the standard keys I am extremely used to. Of course I could bind these keys to the standard shortcuts, but having two options to choose from seems to be the best to me, especially because on my notebook I don’t have the multimedia keys so I could not use them and then get completely accustomed to them.

This is a quite common problem, I think (people having a desktop PC with multimedia keys and a notebook without them).

If the existing API assignments are standard for these kind of keyboards, meaning no 1000 proprietary control formats that will cause hundreds of “My MM keyboard brand X does not work with Renoise” bug reports… I see no harm in that.

Taktik has said this or similar is in the list to be added at some future (hopefully soon) date.

The current 2nd bindings for selected commands is just messy.

Hopefully you’re media keys are recognised by Renoise and can be set up this way. Have you tried setting them as the main buttons to make sure Renoise treats them normally?

I have no problems in using multimedia keys of my keyboard, the problem is not this, but you have given me a second point of view about it: it would be good if, instead of adding 2nd keybindings to ther list of available ones, we could be able to assign more than one shortcut to the same action, whichever it is; this would solve all similar problems for everyone, once and forever